The Rational Bible: Numbers

The Rational Bible: Numbers

God and Man in the Wilderness

by Dennis Prager

If you think the Bible is irrelevant, irrational, or even, at times, immoral—and you have an open mind—The Rational Bible will change your mind and influence your outlook on life.

You will come to understand why the Bible and especially its first five books, the Torah, are the most influential books ever written. Equally important, you will understand how they apply to your life.
The Rational Bible, Dennis Prager’s commentary and explanation of these five books—rooted in his expertise in biblical Hebrew and its grammar—is widely considered the most important modern Bible commentary. Read the thousands of reviews on Amazon—written by people of many faiths and of no faith—and you will appreciate why this is so.
The Book of Numbers—“In the Wilderness” in the original Hebrew—is the fourth book of the Bible. Among the many compelling issues addressed in this volume are the following:

  • Doubting God.
  • What produces faith—miracles or effort? And if effort, what efforts work?
  • Arguing with God.
  • Ingratitude as a source of evil.
  • Why only men could be priests.
  • Why the conscience is not morally reliable.
  • Is fanaticism ever justified?
  • Is there luck in life, or is everything determined by God’s will?
The title of this five-volume commentary is The Rational Bible because its approach is entirely reason-based. The reader is never asked to accept anything on faith alone. In Dennis Prager’s words, “If something I write is not rational, I have not done my job.”
Few people alive today have influenced as many people as has Dennis Prager. In the words of the website, Powerline, “Dennis Prager is probably the foremost public intellectual of our time.” Read The Rational Bible and you will understand why.

ISBN-13: 9781510781498

Published: November, 2024

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