10 Lies Americans Believe and the Truth That Will Set Them Free

by John K. Amanchukwu Sr.

Ten lies dominate American public life. It’s time for some explosive truth-telling.

Millions of Americans have fallen for ten big lies about God, man, and our country. These false dogmas, ferociously enforced, are bringing our country to its knees.

John Amanchukwu, a pastor and truth-teller, is determined to smash these lies. His compelling stand against gender ideology and race-baiting at school board meetings across the country has attracted a huge online audience and made him a leading voice for biblical justice.

In this powerful new book, Amanchukwu names the ten lies that have beguiled our country and takes them apart piece by piece:

1 America is a racist nation

2 Being against abortion is a white Evangelical worldview

3 Capitalism should be blamed for poverty

4 Christianity is the white man's religion

5 Debt can be canceled

6 Disagreement equals hate

7 Transgenders are under attack

8 If you're anti-pornography, you're a book banner.

9 The Bible isn't political

10 The Church is non-essential

Lies are no match for the Truth, but they won’t go away by themselves. Let John Amanchukwu give you the training and ammunition you need to become a leader in the fight for our country.

ISBN-13: 9781510781504

Published: May, 2024

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