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Midnight in Ironbottom Sound

Midnight in Ironbottom Sound

The Harrowing WWII Story of Heroism in the Shark-Infested Waters of Guadalcanal

by Carole Engle Avriett

A captivating World War II narrative of an untold story in the Pacifc theater
In the heart of the Pacific, where the tides of World War II surged, lies a tale of heroism on the high seas—a tale brought to life in Midnight in Ironbottom Sound. This is the untold story of the USS Gregory (APD-3), a ship manned by unknown sailors whose bravery echoes through the annals of history.
Upon the decks of this vessel, Lieutenant Commander Harry F. Bauer and Mess Attendant Charles J. French, representing the highest and lowest ranks on the USS Gregory, become the focal points of this gripping narrative. In the turbulent waters of the Pacific, their stories, interwoven with the ship's saga—whose vital mission was to transport Marine Raiders to bloody beaches— emerge as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the unwavering commitment to duty.
Avriett unfolds a a brief but catastrophic chapter of naval history that is often overlooked--that of unremitting warfare during the first few weeks following the initial invasion of the Solomon Islands to the demise of the USS Gregory four weeks later. Within this crucible, the USS Gregory, marked as a "minor" player, takes center stage. The ship's designation as an APD, its brave crew, and the harrowing night of terror they faced, set the stage for an unforgettable story.
Avriett meticulously reveals their heroism and pays homage to the eternal truth that courage has neither color nor prerequisites, and that valor hails from within.

ISBN-13: 9781510781597

Published: October, 2024

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