The Most Overlooked Women of the Bible

The Most Overlooked Women of the Bible

What Their Stories Teach Us about Being Seen and Heard

by Mary E. DeMuth

Many of us believe we are unseen.

Memories of being on the outside still haunt us today. We somehow believe we are unique in being overlooked. And yet, the Bible is replete with women just like us—women who felt on the outskirts of life, unseen and voiceless. In their stories, you will not only learn more about the women of the Bible, but you’ll begin to understand that you are both seen and heard. 

How about you? Have you ever felt like life has passed you by? When you look back on your pivotal moments, do you feel unseen and overlooked? You are not alone. Not only have others around you experienced the same things, but many women in the Bible have too. We all have asked questions like: 

·       Why can’t people seem to see and notice me?

·       How can I overcome this feeling of rejection?

·       What does a “seen” life actually look like in a world of social media and the insta-famous?

This universal feeling is normal, but it doesn’t have to stick to you. Through the raw and real stories of ten women who also felt overlooked, you can unearth new ways to find meaning and joy in a world that ignores you. 

The Most Overlooked Women of the Bible will help you find your place in this world, rest in being seen, and empower you to find your unique voice.

ISBN-13: 9781510782259

Published: January, 2025

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