The Brain Gate

The Brain Gate

The Little-Known Doorway That Lets Nutrients in and Keeps Toxic Agents Out

by J. Robert Hatherill

In this groundbreaking book, Dr Hatherill, a leading toxicologist, brings to light the latest discoveries of how the brain works, and explains exactly what we can do to preserve the brain's vital functions. This new science looks closely at the blood-brain barrier—literally the gateway to the brain, which determines what enters our brain and what doesn't. Dr Hatherill's research into toxic substances and nutritional elements shows that what gets into our brain affects emotions, intelligence, disease, and overall well-being far more than scientists ever believed possible. Stress, cancer-fighting drugs, common medications, even the elements in processed foods, all allow harmful toxins to cross over and enter our brain and cause disease. The book includes a comprehensive 'Six-Step Brain Purification Program', the only brain detox and nutrition plan that jump-starts optimum brain health. You will find the Top 10 substances that threaten the health of your brain, and learn what foods you can use to fight off such debilitating diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

ISBN-13: 9781596982376

Published: March, 2012

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