On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs

On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs

Teaching, Writing, Playing, Believing, Lecturing, Philosophizing, Singing, Dancing

by James V. Schall

In this wise and witty book, acclaimed author James Schall illuminates a fundamental truth that will shock ceaselessly busy and ambitious Americans: human affairs are unserious.

Following Plato, Schall shows why singing, dancing, playing, contemplating, and other "useless" human activities are not merely forms of escape but also indications of the freedom in and for which men and women were created. The joy that accompanies leisure, festivity, and conviviality, he demonstrates, gives us a glimpse of the eternal. On the Unseriousness of Human Affairs offers a vital message that is truly countercultural.

ISBN-13: 9781610170253

Published: January, 2012

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