The Fraud of Hope and Change

by Kate Obenshain

When Barack Obama ran for president four years ago, he promised hope and change for America and to unite the country. But as Kate Obenshain reveals in Divider-in-Chief, Obama has done exactly the opposite—as a result, America has become a nation of even greater polarization, the land of no compromise, and the home of disillusionment.

Obenshain exposes: In Divider-in-Chief

•How Obama ran as a champion for the downtrodden, yet the unemployment rate is disproportionately high among minorities and women

•How Obama pushes for the HHS mandate, forcing many woman to violate their conscience—and some their religion

•How Obama has condoned the actions of Occupy Wall Street, saying "You are the reason I ran for office," while he vilifies both Wall Street and businessmen across America,

•How he continues to pass partisan policies with no attempt at compromise with Congress and Republicans

•How Obama seizes on opportunities to highlight racial discord and then accuses any critic of being "a racist"

Dynamic political commentator Kate Obenshain shows how Obama promotes class warfare—aggravating racial, gender, and economic differences—in order to advance his ideological agenda. And with each policy failure, Obama plays the blame game. Searing and controversial, Divider-in-Chief calls for the defeat of Barack Obama before he tears our nation apart.

ISBN-13: 9781621570110

Published: September, 2012

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