Devouring Freedom

Devouring Freedom

Can Big Government Ever Be Stopped

by W. James Antle III

Government keeps growing, while our freedoms—and pocketbooks—keep shrinking. As America faces another four years of radical government expansion, columnist James Antle asks in Devouring Freedom, “Can big government ever be stopped?”

It’s a problem that’s been fed from both sides of the aisle as politicians for generations have tried to buy their own job security with hand-outs and programs, platitudes and government-subsidized loans. James Antle examines the addition both parties have to bigger spending, bigger government programs, bigger intrusion into our lives and bigger dependency on the nanny state, as he examines how an ever-expanding government inevitably leads to less prosperity, less independence, less ingenuity, less growth, and far less liberty.

Devouring Freedom is the book for anyone who believes that Obama’s second term is just the latest installment in the long obituary for American liberty. And it’s the book for anyone who’s ever asked, “Is it too late to turn the ship around?”

ISBN-13: 9781621570523

Published: March, 2013

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