Land of the Pilgrims Pride

Land of the Pilgrims Pride

Ellis Discovers the 13 Colonies

by Callista Gingrich

Illustrated by Susan Arciero

In the New York Times bestseller, Sweet Land of Liberty, Ellis the Elephant learned why America is the greatest country on Earth. Now Ellis is back and ready to learn about the birth of our great nation in Ellis and the 13 Colonies. Written and illustrated by Callista Gingrich and Susan Arciero, Ellis once again educates and entertains kids as he goes back to the library to learn about the original thirteen colonies. Starting with Jamestown, Ellis journeys through each colony and learns about the different founders, each colony’s unique characteristics, and more! From the Pilgrims and the Indians to New Amsterdam and New Netherlands, kids will discover well-known and little-known facts about America and her first settlers. Perfect for children ages 5-8 years old, Ellis and the 13 Colonies will delight young and adult readers alike while teaching kids about America’s roots and early history.

ISBN-13: 9781621570660

Published: October, 2012

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