The Forgotten Conservative

by John M. Pafford

No American president exceeded Grover Cleveland's devotion to principle and political courage. Yet today, Cleveland is remembered, if at all, simply as a historical curiosity—the only president to have served non-consecutive terms. In this illuminating biography, John M. Pafford reveals one of the most compelling characters ever to have occupied the White House, a leader whose unflinching stands for free enterprise and limited, Constitutional government are a beacon in the political tempest of our own time. Grover Cleveland is the forgotten conservative, Pafford argues: a man of dignity, integrity, and courage who fought corruption and eliminated taxpayer funding of projects that he considered outside the purview of government. "The lesson should be constantly enforced," Cleveland warned the nation, "that, though the people support the government, the government should not support the people."

ISBN-13: 9781621574088

Published: October, 2015

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