The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration

by John Zmirak and Al Perrotta

America’s immigration crisis is out of control! 

Unregulated immigration has led to an increase in crime, a loss of working class jobs, an inflated welfare state, and an elevated amount of terror threats on our home territory. The clash of differing emotions, facts, and opinions reveal that this issue is not simply a nationwide disagreement; it is an American crisis.  

In The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration, authors John Zmirak and Al Perrotta debunk the Left’s most deceptive myths on this complex policy issue – and reveal the huge implications that lie ahead for our nation’s future. 

Zmirak and Perrotta set the record straight on the history of American immigration, uncover the principles with which our forefathers migrated to America, affirm the respect with which migrants should treat our country if they wish to live here, and assert real solutions to the immigration crisis America faces.   The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration equips readers with real-life statistics and information, and is packed with targeted arguments to help convince even the staunchest advocates for open borders that America needs to build “The Wall.”

You may think you know all about immigration, but in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Immigration you’ll learn:

• Building “The Wall” would cost less than half of what we spend to educate illegal immigrants every year
• Illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $116 billion a year
• 62% of naturalized immigrants are for the Democrats; only 25% are for the Republicans
• Competition from immigrants costs American worker $450 billion a year
• The Founders wanted to admit only immigrants who would make a net contribution—and assimilate
• Millions of nineteenth-century immigrants who couldn’t make it in American went back home
• The percent of foreign-born in the United States today is the highest since World War I—and this time we’re not doing “Americanization”
• After Reagan’s 1986 Amnesty the illegal population went from 3.2 million to 11 million
• Over 700,000 foreign visitors to the United States in 2016 overstayed their visas
• Eighty percent of Central American women and girls who enter the United States illegally are raped along the way
• Non-citizens are only 9 percent of our population but 27 percent of federal prisoners
• One hundred forty-seven million more people from around the world would like to move to the United States

ISBN-13: 9781621576730

Published: May, 2018

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