Fatal Orbit

Fatal Orbit

by Tom Grace

"Grace's prose recalls Ian Fleming at his most lean, and although the focus is on the ticking time bomb in orbit, he throws in a wealth of technical details and gadgetry to satisfy techno-thriller aficionados. This is a complex story, but Grace keeps the plot clean and streamlined, making this a brisk, enjoyable read." —Publishers Weekly 

"You won't put this one down once you start it. Tom Grace is a masterful plotter. He draws you into his net and doesn't release you until the final sentence."—Clive Cussler 

"Tom Grace's [Fatal Orbit] had me spellbound. It's the first genuine page-turner I couldn't put down in years. His Nolan Kilkenny is one of the most compelling new heroes of the techno-thriller genre you'll ever meet."—The Detroit Free Press 

"Nolan Kilkenny has done it again. [Fatal Orbit] is 21st Century technological suspense... be prepared to be aghast at big business's potential for evil."—Jonathan Swift, PBS

Nolan Kilkenny is about to propose to his NASA astronaut girlfriend Kelsey when a mysterious satellite blackout forces Kelsey to board the space shuttle Liberty to investigate. Kilkenny soon realizes that his would-be fiancée is in grave danger—targeted miles above Earth by a weaponized spacecraft called Zeus. A ruthlessly determined Nolan must track down the tycoon creator of Zeus to prevent silent terror from being launched from the sky—and he'll have to confront a billion-dollar conspiracy, an army of ruthless thugs, and apocalyptic weapons technology that defies comprehension.

ISBN-13: 9781621577461

Published: September, 2017

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