Plausible Denial

Plausible Denial

by F. W. Rustmann Jr.

When the CIA can’t get the job done, its legendary director of operations turns to “Mac” MacMurphy, in this exciting sequel to Rustmann’s first best-selling novel,The Case Officer. Mac is the best. A proven talent in fighting fire with fire. Able to be as ruthless as any enemy, showing no mercy where none is due. The perfect man to pit against an out-of-control drug lord who has declared war on the U.S. Consulate in Northern Thailand. But do the ends justify the means? Is it worth the risk of collateral damage—and there will be some when Mac is involved—to bring down the unscrupulous drug king? These are the moral conundrums facing Mac and his team as they embark on a slippery slope upon which there is no turning back, and they prepare for the fight of their lives against a veritable army of heavily armed drug merchants in the steamy jungles of the Golden Triangle. And they really don’t bother Mac a bit. Unusual challenges require unorthodox responses. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s a woman involved…

ISBN-13: 9781621577508

Published: February, 2018

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