The End of Anxiety

The End of Anxiety

The Biblical Prescription for Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Panic

by Josh Weidmann

If God is All-powerful, Why Doesn’t He Eliminate My Anxiety?

Instead of asking this, perhaps we should ask why God is allowing it in the first place. Join pastor and biblical counselor Josh Weidmann on a journey through Scripture and his own vulnerable stories of discovering God’s ultimate purpose in pain. The End of Anxiety is designed for individuals or small groups; each chapter begins with Scripture and finishes with practical steps you can apply for immediate relief. Your anxiety, fear, stress, and panic are not the end of you—but facing them could be the start of something great!

“Read this, apply it, and find freedom from fear—forever.”
Ray Johnston
Senior pastor of Bayside Church in Granite Bay, California

ISBN-13: 9781621579731

Published: July, 2020

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