Grace Canceled

Grace Canceled

How Outrage is Destroying Lives, Ending Debate, and Endangering Democracy

by Dana Loesch

A society addicted to outrage is in trouble. It's a seductive yet toxic drug that kills reason, nuance, and kindness.

Dana Loesch has been the target of as much outrage as anyone. And as she forthrightly acknowledges here, she has dished it out as well. As passionately attached to faith and freedom as ever, she warns that our addiction to outrage has debased our politics and reduced us to a vicious tribalism. 

The antidote to outrage is grace—a generous and forgiving spirit that tolerates those with whom one disagrees and offers redemption to the offender. But grace is hard even under the best conditions, and leftist rage mobs have stoked the fires of anger so assiduously—with help from some of their foes on the right—that grace is almost impossible.

Fortunately, as Dana reminds us, grace comes from God, who specializes in the impossible.

In Grace Canceled, Dana Loesch explains:

• How America got cut up into competing tribes

• Why a society without grace falls for socialism

• Why outrage makes us dumb

• How violence became an acceptable political tactic on the left

• When anger is called for and when it's just self-indulgence

• The three golden rules of a happy warrior

Make no mistake: our freedom, our faith, our very way of life are under attack. The stakes are incredibly high, and Dana doesn't pretend they aren't. But the social justice warriors are already slaves of outrage, and if the rest of us become slaves as well, then no one wins.

ISBN-13: 9781684510146

Published: February, 2020

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