The Problem with Lincoln

The Problem with Lincoln

by Thomas J. DiLorenzo

The Problem with Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was widely and deeply unpopular during his presidency. And for good reason.

He overturned our original constitutional order, violated the rights of Americans both North and South, massively inflated the federal government, and plunged the nation into a wholly unnecessary war. Why? Not to free the slaves, as his hagiographers would have you believe, but out of personal ambition, greed for power, and, incidentally, to enrich the railroad interests that supported his political career.

Court historians have turned King Lincoln into a secular saint, but what did Abraham Lincoln’s contemporaries know that has been forgotten or covered up? Bestselling author Thomas J. DiLorenzo debunks the pious myths to reveal the real Lincoln.

In The Problem with Lincoln, you’ll learn:

  • Why Lincoln was willing to accept a constitutional amendment guaranteeing slavery forever
  • Why no American in 1861, Northerner or Southerner, believed that Lincoln had invaded the South to emancipate the slaves
  • Why secession doesn’t fit the Constitution’s definition of treason—but Lincoln’s war on the South does
  • Lincoln’s greatest failure: not ending slavery peacefully, as the rest of the world managed to do

If you want the unvarnished truth about our sixteenth president, read The Problem with Lincoln.

ISBN-13: 9781684510184

Published: July, 2020

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