Once a Shooter

Once a Shooter

Redemption of a High School Gunman

by T.J. Stevens

With John Driver

Once, a shooter walked alone through the front doors of an unsuspecting high school in Burke, Virginia. He was young. Troubled. Tormented. Drowning in a cavernous abyss so deep that light itself seemed no longer to exist. It is an all-too-familiar story these days. After all, once a shooter enters a school or another public space, chaos always follows.

Or does it? Once A Shooter chronicles the astonishing story of TJ Stevens, a suicidal high school gunman who unexpectedly experiences a miraculous transformation in the exact moment he is about to execute nine hostages and then himself.

All author royalties will be donated to a charity that hosts events for troubled teens.

ISBN-13: 9781684510191

Published: April, 2020

194 pages, 139.70 x 215.90 mm

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