Sky Full of Stars

Sky Full of Stars

Learning to Surrender to God's Perfect Plans

by Meg Apperson

Foreword by Lisa Leonard

Do You Trust God?

Meg Apperson grew up having a relationship with Jesus, and she always trusted God. But it wasn’t until her daughter Avery—a miracle in so many ways—was born with a litany of life-threatening birth defects that she began to fully understand what it means to trust Jesus with everything.

In this heartbreakingly beautiful memoir, you’ll learn how a mother fought for her child, her family, and even herself as she grappled with the weight of failure—of letting down everyone around her and feeling let down by God.

But in the midst of the fight, through heavy grief, she not only discovered her own voice—she discovered that God is both good and faithful.

If you have ever experienced grief, suffering, or pain …

If God has ever asked you to surrender more than you thought possible …

If you’ve ever questioned how God is at work in the darkness …

Sky Full of Stars is for you.

This book will show you that when everything around you is dark, peace can be found in the suffering. You’ll discover new ways to rely on God’s trustworthiness.

ISBN-13: 9781684510634

Published: October, 2020

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