Drowning in Screen Time

Drowning in Screen Time

A Lifeline for Adults, Parents, Teachers, and Ministers Who Want to Reclaim Their Real Lives

by David Murrow

Are you sinking into your screen?

We live in a 24/7 digital world where we have access to everything—and yet, we’ve never been lonelier or felt more isolated. Why? Because the more time we devote to screen life, the more difficult real life becomes. Is it possible to break free from our screen addiction and come up for air?

Bestselling author David Murrow, a screen-industry insider, says YES!

With five simple parables, he helps readers:

  • Uncover screen addictions
  • Avoid the traps that keep them glued to their digital devices
  • Recapture their life in the real world

Drowning in Screen Time is not about becoming a digital hermit. It’s a practical guide that can help anyone recover the balance between digital life and real life.


ISBN-13: 9781684510870

Published: December, 2020

139.70 x 215.90 mm

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