101 Bible Questions

101 Bible Questions

And the Surprising Answers You May Not Hear in Church

by Andrew Farley

This book asks the hard, forbidden, or taboo questions about Christianity—and offers surprising biblical answers you may never hear in church.

“Don’t ask too many questions. Just go with the flow.”

This is the mantra of legalistic religion. It leaves many of us wallowing in confusion as we still have burning questions about our faith. Sometimes, these questions almost seem off-limits: Is there actually an unforgivable sin? Can we lose our salvation? Is masturbation always a sin? Am I really supposed to give 10 percent of my income to the church? Is divorce and remarriage wrong for a Christian?

Andrew Farley offers surprising, yet scriptural, answers to these controversial questions and many others. Andrew’s no-nonsense style will challenge you and catapult you into a radical new outlook on God’s grace.

ISBN-13: 9781684511297

Published: October, 2023

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