Donald and the Fake News

Donald and the Fake News

by Eric Metaxas

Illustrated by Tim Raglin

After Donald the Caveman drained the Swamp and built the wall, the cave people were happy and free! Until certain troublemakers started to spread false information about Donald!

Now, Donald the Caveman takes on the media in the third installment of #1 national bestselling author and humorist Eric Metaxas and award-winning illustrator Tim Raglin’s brilliant political parable series that began with Donald Drains the Swamp! and Donald Builds the Wall!  

It seemed that no matter what Donald did or said, the Swamp Creatures and the “Resistance" twisted it to seem negative! Donald called this... FAKE NEWS! So when it was time for another election, Donald decided to fight with the one thing that always won: THE TRUTH! He spoke so much truth that the other side couldn’t take it. Eventually they just snapped and ran away, never to be seen again. 

So of course Donald was re-elected! And freedom and prosperity continued winning and Winning and WINNING!

ISBN-13: 9781684511365

Published: August, 2020

64 pages, 165.10 x 234.95 mm, Fully Illustrated

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