Understanding and Loving Your College Student

Understanding and Loving Your College Student

by Stephen Arterburn and James Phillis

Twenty-first-century how-to advice for parents who want to protect children as they launch them into college, from bestselling author Stephen Arterburn, host of New Life Live!, the nation's number one Christian call-in counseling show.

Your child is getting ready to leave home for college…and you are terrified.

You’ve been preparing for this moment for years—but as a Christian parent, you are well aware of the kind of ideological indoctrination that takes place on most college campuses. Will your child make it through the next four years with his faith intact?

This is a question syndicated radio host Stephen Arterburn hears regularly from his listeners. In Understanding and Loving Your College Student, he teams with life coach James Phillis to help parents develop in their kids a love for God that encompasses their heart, soul, mind, and strength and a love for their neighbors on campus, as well as themselves. This book will

-Help parents of kids still in junior high or high school lay a solid groundwork for living out their faith

-Offer tools for helping your child select the right school, including financial aid tips

-Help you let go of the reins of your child’s life as he becomes an adult (and makes mistakes in the process), and

-Help you transition from having a child in your home to having a relationship with the adult you have raised.

Raising children is never easy—and letting go is hard. But with some practical tools and wisdom from others who’ve been down that road, you can find peace in the process.

ISBN-13: 9781684511587

Published: August, 2023

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