Short Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions

Short Answers to Life's Biggest Questions

by Nathan Betts

Short Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions is designed to zoom in on the hard and complex questions of our time that intersect with Christian faith, then provide short yet substantial responses to each. Sadly, many of these questions have not only become no-go zones in today’s culture, but also in the Christian community. It is not only people outside the Christian faith who are skeptical of finding answers within the church walls; it is Christians themselves who are not sure where to turn. Short Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions is intent on bringing clarity to those questions of faith and thereby showing that not only does Christianity hold the answers, it also offers something of transcendent beauty to our complex and confusing times. 

ISBN-13: 9781684511662

Published: September, 2021

139.70 x 215.90 mm

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