Fault Lines

Fault Lines

The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism's Looming Catastrophe

by Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

The death of George Floyd marked a turning point in the American social, political, and moral landscape. It also exposed a fault line within broader evangelicalism. On one side, “woke” Christians proclaim that “social justice is the Gospel.” On the other side, traditionalists contend that it is “an enemy of the Gospel.” 

The two sides of this divide are not separated by their commitment to Christ, or the lack thereof. But make no mistake about it: this divide is real. Not only is it causing the fractures we see in the country at large, but it is manifesting itself in churches, individual families, and around the world. 

In Fault Lines, Voddie Baucham exposes the root causes of this divide, warning of the devastation it will cause, and preparing the church for the messy cleanup that must follow.

Those who read this book will:

  • Find answers to questions like, “Why do black and white Christians often see things so differently on issues of race and ethnicity?”
  • Learn how movements like Black Lives Matter rose to prominence and popularity within broader evangelicalism in spite of having motives that directly oppose the Christian Gospel.
  • Learn the history, theology, philosophy, and destructive nature of concepts like white privilege, intersectionality, critical theory, and systemic racism.
  • Learn how these movements have infiltrated evangelicalism by exploiting the pre-existing “Millennial divide.”


ISBN-13: 9781684511808

Published: April, 2021

152.40 x 228.60 mm

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