Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery

Armstrong and the Mexican Mystery

by H. W. Crocker III

More fantastical than Harry Turtledove, funnier than Eric Flint, and with definite shades of The Wild, Wild West, the celebrated Custer of the West series—praised by Winston Groom (Forrest Gump), Stephen Coonts (The Flight of the Intruder), and Rob Long (Cheers)—comes to its shocking—and hilarious—climax as George Armstrong Custer, surprise survivor of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, unearths the lost civilization of Atlantis and battles the evil Atlanteans for the fate of the world.



A mysterious gunman meets Marshal Armstrong in San Francisco with tales of lost gold, unrequited revenge, and an unsolved mystery in Mexico’s Chihuahuan Desert, inspiring Marshal Armstrong, Ambrose Bierce, and the rest of Armstrong’s loose band of soldiers of fortune to plunge into an adventure of fierce gunfights, criminal conspiracies, an innovative submarine, and an underground, secret superpower—the remnants of Atlantis—that aims to subvert Western civilization!

Can the malevolent, scheming Atlanteans be stopped?

That’s the mission for George Armstrong Custer, traveling incognito as Marshal Armstrong Armstrong, knight-errant.

Full of suspense, non-stop action, chivalric romance, and effervescent humor, this is a great place to enter the Custer of the West series!

Praise for W.H. Crocker III, and the Custer of the West series:
“The world has a new hero—actually an old hero reimagined—George Armstrong Custer, in this delightfully funny alternative history that’s better, or at least happier, than the real thing.” —WINSTON GROOM, best-selling author of Forrest Gump and El Paso

“Droll satire, this is the West as it might have been if the Sioux hadn’t saved us.”—STEPHEN COONTS, best-selling author of Flight of the Intruder and The Russia Account

“If Custer died for our sins, Armstrong resurrects him for our delight. Not just the funniest book ever written about an Indian massacre, but laugh out loud funny, period. The best historical comic adventure since George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman.”—PHILLIP JENNINGS, author of Nam-A-Rama and Goodbye Mexico

“A delightful romp that shifts seamlessly between thrilling Western and outlandish farce.”—GRAYSON QUAY, Modern Age

“The best new novel I’ve read in years. As rugged as Zane Grey, as funny as P. G. Wodehouse, as smart as Evelyn Waugh, and as sharp as Ambrose Bierce. You don’t want to miss it.”—MICHAEL WARREN DAVIS, author of The Reactionary Mind

“Crocker has created a hilarious hero for the ages. Armstrong rides through the Old West setting right the wrongs, and setting wrong the rights, in a very funny cascade of satire, history, and even patriotism.”—ROB LONG, Emmy- and Golden Globes-nominated screenwriter and co-executive producer of Cheers

ISBN-13: 9781684512355

Published: September, 2022

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