The Encyclopedia of Confederate Generals

The Encyclopedia of Confederate Generals

The Definitive Guide to the 426 Leaders of the South's War Effort

by Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.

Anyone acquainted with the American Civil War will readily recognize the names of the Confederacy’s most prominent generals. Robert E. Lee. Stonewall Jackson. James Longstreet. These men have long been lionized as fearless commanders and genius tacticians. Yet few have heard of the hundreds of generals who led under and alongside them. Men whose battlefield resolve spurred the Confederacy through four years of the bloodiest combat Americans have ever faced.

In The Encyclopedia of Confederate Generals, veteran Civil War historian, Samuel W. Mitcham, documents the lives of every Confederate general from birth to death, highlighting their unique contributions to the battlefield and bringing their personal triumphs and tragedies to life.

Packed with photos and historical briefings, The Encyclopedia of Confederate Generals belongs on the shelf of every Civil War historian, and preserves in words the legacies once carved in stone.

ISBN-13: 9781684512447

Published: January, 2022

182.00 x 228.00 x 20.90 mm, B&W illustrations throughout

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