Dining with the Saints

Dining with the Saints

The Sinner's Guide to a Righteous Feast

by Kelley Cappellini

Want to get closer to the saints while upping your dinner game? Now every meal can be a family feast-with the Saints!

In Dining with the Saints, food blogger Kelley Cappellini brings the Catholic liturgical year to life, pairing over two hundred saints' stories with an irresistible smorgasbord of international recipes.

Craving a breakfast treat? Join St. David of Wales and learn to craft Crempogs-Welsh pancakes-in March. Searching for a spicey dinner feast? Uncover the life of St. Cristobal of Mexico and serve up a delicious pinto bean soup with queso fresco dumplings during the month of May. Tempted by sweets? Honor St. Agrippina of Mineo with a crostata di pesca, a free-form peach tart.

Featuring dozens of new and exciting recipes, Drinking with the Saints provides an unforgettable feast that sinners and saints will enjoy!

ISBN-13: 9781684512478

Published: March, 2022

182.00 x 228.00 x 32.30 mm

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