Big Intel

Big Intel

How the CIA and FBI Went from Cold War Heroes to Deep State Villains

by J. Michael Waller

Big Intel recounts the dramatic story of the rise and Cold War heroics of the CIA and the American intelligence apparatus followed by its unfortunate slide into Marxist-influenced Deep State dysfunction as BIG INTEL became BAD INTEL.

How the Left Subverted the CIA and FBI

Once upon a time, the FBI and the CIA fought America’s enemies at home and abroad. Now they are tools of a growing police state, attacking the left’s political enemies and spying on ordinary American citizens—even parents who push back against radical public schools. How did we get here?

In this revealing and thoroughly documented book, a former CIA operative traces the origins of Big Intel to a loose network of Marxist academic agitators known as the Frankfurt School. Their ideology appealed to the Ivy League elites populating the CIA, but the subversion of the FBI took longer, impeded for a time by the bureau’s staunchly anti-Communist director, J. Edgar Hoover. Eventually both institutions succumbed, and today Big Intel is controlled by the cultural Marxists.

Chronicling the parasitic infiltration of the CIA and FBI, Big Intel shows how normal intelligence functions have given way to political correctness and never-ending “pride” propaganda, trap- ping agents in the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” house of mirrors.

Most chilling of all is the emergence of the leftist security state. Big Intel has become Bad Intel. There are hard times ahead, but if Americans remember what freedom once was, we can still defang Big Intel and return our intelligence services to the service of democracy.

ISBN-13: 9781684513536

Published: January, 2024

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