When China Attacks

When China Attacks

A Warning to America

by Grant Newsham

When China Attacks is a fire bell in the night—a warning about a war that we are already losing. It offers a frightening, and well-founded, blow-by-blow account of what might happen next.

China poses an existential threat to America, warns a veteran intelligence officer, and the window for an effective response is closing fast.

Col. Grant Newsham, a former reserve head of intelligence for Marine Forces Pacific, delivers a blow-by-blow account of how the threat has developed, from the growing skill and belligerence of the Chinese military to gray-zone campaigns to hollow out America’s will to resist. These efforts that have now reached fruition. You can see the war damage in Baltimore, Erie, Buffalo, and countless other communities across the United States.

With decades of experience in Asia, including as a U.S. Marine, a diplomat, and an executive with Morgan Stanley and Motorola in Japan, Col. Newsham brings together the military, political, economic and social to provide insights into how far along we already are, and what needs to be done. Now.

The question is not whether the Chinese will attack. They already have. It is trying to kill our economy, our institutions, our way of life, our people. It is dominant in the world economy. It is a master of intellectual property theft. It shows strategic genius at cornering essential markets. It has been staggeringly successful in buying influence among American elites. It is killing us with Fentanyl. And its military buildup is astonishing.

So far, China has been waging a mostly covert war on the United States and its allies. But, emboldened by American weakness and perceived decline, the war could soon explode into the open. The flashpoint will be Taiwan—but the war will extend over the entire Pacific Theater and beyond. The results—as Col. Newsham paints in stark detail—will be devastating. America risks a humiliating retreat, with almost unimaginable costs to our economy and security.

Will America fight back before the cold war that Communist China is waging against America and its allies goes hot?

The conflict is coming. We’re not ready. China is already attacking America. Is American defeat inevitable? No, but we must change course immediately. And to do that, we must wake up and heed the sobering message of When China Attacks.

ISBN-13: 9781684513659

Published: March, 2023

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