The Naked Truth

The Naked Truth

Reclaiming Sexual Freedom in a Culture of Lies

by Cynthia Garrett

As sexual confusion ensnares our young people, Christians must embrace a new revolution, living purely in an impure world.

Christians have shied away from awkward subjects for too long, and the world has rushed in to fill the void. Everywhere you look, sex and sexuality are redefined, manipulated, twisted, and maligned. Terrified of being labeled “intolerant,” Christians have tolerated too much.

No more.

Cynthia Garrett boldly tackles these difficult topics. Sex and sexuality are beautiful gifts from God, and it’s time for Christians to reclaim them under the banner of purity.

The sexual revolution offers nothing but bondage. Feminism is a failed experiment. Millions of people who demanded mastery of their own bodies have been tragically duped. But Christians have always had the answer right under our noses. It is time for a new revolution—a Purity Revolution.

This book is for everyone who has ever had questions about purity or struggled with sexual shame, guilt, confusion, or anger.

ISBN-13: 9781684513710

Published: June, 2024

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