The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender

The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender

by Babylon Bee

From the satirical minds behind the viral sensation The Babylon Bee comes the latest installment of its guide series. This looks at the two "original gangsta" genders—male and female—shows us the progressively insane slide into the multiplying number of genders that has lately been spiraling out of control.

The third entry in the bestselling Babylon Bee Guide series explores the whole colorful rainbow of genders. Men! Women! And millions more! Featuring gorgeous custom artwork, infographics, charts, and interactive features, every page will catch the eye with hilarious observations about the differences between the two original genders and all the new ones we’ve just recently made up.

Features will include:

  • Diagrams documenting the biological and behavioral differences between men and women
  • How to tell if you are a man or a woman
  • How to choose your gender
  • How to change genders if the mood strikes
  • Interviews with experts in which we ask, “What the heck is a woman, anyway?”
  • What it means to be a father
  • What it means to be a mother (or is that “birthing person”?)
  • How to get a good woman/man to fall for you
  • Comprehensive coverage of all the imaginary genders besides men and women
  • Hall of fame: best men and best women in human history

Through The Babylon Bee’s patented satirical voice, this book will tell you everything you need to learn about gender identity, transgenderism, and biological sex. Use it to teach your kids before their first-grade teacher does!!

ISBN-13: 9781684514717

Published: September, 2023

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