Unfit to Fight

Unfit to Fight

How Woke Policies Are Destroying Our Military

Our Woke Military Could Lose the Next War

Wokeness used to be an annoying distraction in the U.S. military. Now it is a major threat to national security.

Faster than most of us thought possible, our military has become a woke, dysfunctional bureaucracy focused not on winning wars but on identity politics, gender ideology, climate change, and other favored causes of the leftist elite.

Don’t think that China isn’t watching. Don’t think that Russia, Iran, and North Korea haven’t noticed.

But so has Amber Smith, a former U.S. Army combat helicopter pilot and Deputy Assistant to the Secretary of Defense. In her riveting new book, Unfit to Fight, she sounds the alarm that our military and our nation are at grave risk.

In Unfit to Fight, you’ll learn:

  • Why the military should not “reflect American society,” but be a select group of lethal professionals
  • How the Pentagon rewards lowered standards for the sake of “diversity”
  • Why failure often leads to promotion—if you have the right friends
  • Why a return to combat merit, battlefield mission, and trust in leadership are essential—or we will lose our next war

Elections, as they say, have consequences, and catastrophic damage to national security is among the most important. Amber Smith’s Unfit to Fight needs to be in the hands of everyone who cares about our military and our survival as a nation.

ISBN-13: 9781684514809

Published: April, 2024

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