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How to Read the Bible (as If Your Life Depends on It)

How to Read the Bible (as If Your Life Depends on It)

by Michael Youssef

As fewer Christians read the Bible daily, fewer understand what a marvelous revelation it is from God to man. How to Read the Bible (as If Your Life Depends on It) offers believers and nonbelievers alike a new appreciation for the Bible, helping them to read it for understanding, not just as the storybook they remember from childhood.

There has never been any other book like the Bible.

Comprising sixty-six books by at least forty human authors writing over a span of sixteen hundred years, the Bible is nevertheless a single book with a single Author. Its unity confounds human wisdom.

God inspired kings, shepherds, fishermen, priests, prophets—even a tax collector—to address the people of their time and place and the people of all times and all places. He gave them a single theme: Jesus the Messiah, our Redeemer.

From Genesis to Revelation, these sixty-six books tell one story: the story of man’s rebellion against God and God’s redemptive love for the human race. It’s the story of a Kingdom and a Covenant—and a Lord who saves completely and rules eternally.

The Bible baffles its critics, challenges its enemies—and comforts those seeking hope, truth, love, and peace with their Creator and within themselves. No matter what you’re facing, what you’ve done, or how dark your circumstances, this book illuminates the path to a life of purpose and joy.

There’s no book like the Bible because there’s no author like its Author. Let Dr. Michael Youssef explain how to make the most sense of it, and why you should read it as if your life depends on it— because it does.

ISBN-13: 9781684515059

Published: November, 2023

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