Defiant Love

Defiant Love

How Empowered Women Can Change the World

by Devlin Donaldson and Kimberly Shumate

“World-changers” can come from anywhere, and the story of Moses illustrates the profound impact that women can have on the next generation of leaders.

You can’t understand the story of Moses without understanding the women who surrounded him, supported him, and saved him.

Devlin Donaldson explores the heroism in the warrior women in Moses’ life—the midwives who defied Pharaoh’s decree, the mother who hid him in the bullrushes of the Nile, the sister who secretly kept watch, and the Egyptian princess who drew him from the water and set him on the road to his destiny.

These women from radically divergent backgrounds risked their lives to save one young child. Through their defiant love, they risked everything and prepared an obscure Hebrew boy to become a major figure in three world religions. Pushing through their fear and anxiety, these women overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles because they appreciated the value of a child’s life.

Defiant Love highlights the women’s perspectives in this compelling biblical narrative while reminding us that God can use anyone who is willing to step out in faith. Every woman can—and should—be empowered to overcome her circumstances and alter the course of history.

ISBN-13: 9781684515424

Published: February, 2024

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