Visions of Order

Visions of Order

The Cultural Crisis of Our Time

by Richard M. Weaver

An essential work from scholar and rhetorician Richard Weaver, a leading figure in the rise of the modern conservative intellectual movement.

"In these valuable essays Weaver shows how the decline of the West is traceable to the loss of its ordering vision, and analyzes the forces that have contributed to that loss." - National Review

"Visions of Order has attracted a large and growing body of admirers... This should not be surprising. The book includes several of Weaver's best essays... and its analyses of the nature of culture, the limits of science and technology, and the relationship between rhetoric and dialectic are of profound and lasting significance" - Ted J. Smith III, author of Steps Toward Restoration: The Consequences of Richard Weaver's Ideas

"Weaver assaults the 'presentism,' scientism, and democratism that are subverting the high old order of our civilization and our human dignity." - Russell Kirk, author of The Conservative Mind

ISBN-13: 9781684515493

Published: July, 2024

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