Ten Years to Save the West

Ten Years to Save the West

Can the West Be Saved? Liz Truss, the former Conservative prime minister of Great Britain, fears that’s an open question.

During her ten years at the highest levels of the British government, she often found that she was the only conservative in the room. She witnessed, first-hand, the machinations of the global left, who would like nothing more than to impose corporate state–socialism on the world.

Freedom is at risk, she warns, and the Conservative Party in Britain—and the Republican Party in the United States—urgently need to shape up and defend it.

The problem? Conservatives have accepted too many of the left’s talking points, allowing the left to set the political agenda and capitulating whenever the left has sought to impose bigger government and curtail individual freedoms.

The authoritarian excesses during the Covid-19 lockdowns should have been a stark warning. They were precursors of things to come if conservatives continue to waffle on principle and surrender on policy, thereby failing the electorate.

In Ten Years to Save the West, Liz Truss reveals:

  • Why socialism—despite its uninterrupted record of failure—remains popular, both with global elites and with the next generation
  • The clear and present danger of the ever-expanding “administrative state”
  • Why we cannot ignore the threat of an aggressive China
  • Why Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher should remain the guiding lights for conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic

Urgent, detailed, and full of insights gleaned from the highest levels of politics, Liz Truss’s warning to the West cannot be ignored.

ISBN-13: 9781684515516

Published: April, 2024

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