Keep It Light

Keep It Light

The Freedom of Priorities in Life, Work, and Love

by Joël Malm

We all have burdens to carry in life–reasonable responsibilities that give life meaning. But if the burden of life feels too heavy to handle, there’s a good chance you’re carrying something you weren’t meant to carry alone.

Overwhelmed? Tired? Feel like you can’t keep up? Jesus promises that His burden is light, but how many of us are actually feeling, well … light? If life is like a long hike, most of us feel like we have a giant backpack of responsibilities and burdens that weigh us down and take the joy out of living. But Jesus offers another way.

Keep It Light will help you:

  • Prioritize what deserves your time, money, and energy in this season of life (and stop doing what doesn’t)
  • Develop a plan to give your best to what matters most right now (because priorities change in every season)
  • Balance the demands on your resources so there’s time and energy for what you love most.

Make a stewardship plan to make sure what God values is your highest priority.

ISBN-13: 9781684515660

Published: May, 2024

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