I Am a Woman

I Am a Woman

Taking Back Our Name

by Jennifer Strickland

It’s time for women to reclaim what makes them uniquely female and affirm God’s breathtaking design for womanhood.

“Wake up!” cries Jennifer Strickland in this bracing call to women. With womanhood itself under a withering cultural attack, this is no time for Christians to stand teary-eyed on the sidelines.

Men are invading women’s sports and even bathrooms, while schools indoctrinate children in lies about gender fluidity. The assault of insanity on reality took normal women by surprise, but we can’t waste another minute in fighting back.

Our culture needs an answer to transgenderism, pornography, sexual violence, and the lies that are crippling our young women and robbing them of their dignity We cannot abdicate our responsibility to the next generation. It is up to women who fear God to restore the true meaning of our name.

Women have had enough. And now it’s time to rise up as emboldened warriors to declare the truth against the gender-bending culture’s lies.

Jennifer Strickland, a podcaster, author, and former model, is calling women to use their influence to expose the lies of gender ideology and point children and teens back to God’s beautiful design for male and female.

In I Am a Woman, Strickland calls Christians to uphold the dignity of womanhood with clarity and compassion. She urges readers to cherish the power imbedded in the name “Woman”—because women are not undefinable. The name “Woman” means guardian, rescuer, advocate, protector, and life-bearer. Women must reclaim their name and reject any agenda that diminishes the dignity of sex and gender for future generations—before it’s too late.

ISBN-13: 9781684515882

Published: June, 2024

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