A Student’s Guide to Core Curriculum

A Student's Guide to Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum Guide

by Mark C. Henrie

"This slender volume explains the merits of getting an old-fashioned liberal arts education." -The American Spectator

College students today have tremendous freedom to choose the courses they will take. With such freedom, however, students face a pressing dilemma: How can they choose well? Which courses convey the core of an authentic liberal arts education, transmitting our civilizational inheritance, and which courses are merely passing fads?

A Student's Guide to the Core Curriculum helps students achieve a coherent understanding of their world and their place in history. This penetrating volume explains the value of a traditional core of studies in Western civilization and then surveys eight courses available in most American universities that may be taken to acquire such an education.

This guide puts "the best which has been taught and said" within reach of every student.

ISBN-13: 9781882926428

Published: June, 2000

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