AMERICAN THINKER: Michelle Malkin Exposes The Problem

Open Borders Inc.: Michelle Malkin exposes the problem

Michelle Malkin is a public speaker, essayist, investigative journalist, and bestselling author who is dedicated to exposing corruption in government.  She is also an energetic and eloquent critic of the Open Borders movement, and she exposes their mendacious perfidy and deceitful advocacy of unlimited immigration in her latest book, Open Borders Inc.: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction.”

Malkin spares no reservations in naming the perps, celebrities, power brokers, and politicians who are creating the problem of uncontrolled and completely irrational immigration.  She names and condemns the celebrities, community organizers, and religious organizations, and chattering-class numbskulls who would destroy America with an invasion of low-lifes and ne’er-do-wells with no intention of becoming assimilated productive American citizens.

Malkin’s laser beam cannon reveals in the book those groups dedicated to unqualified and certainly unattractive immigrants to come in at an alarming rate.  Her exposé identifies the culprits: social justice warriors, business interests looking for cheap labor, church people who want a cause to promote and “victims” to attend to, politicians looking for more voters to strengthen their socialist movement.

Social justice protesters want a cause to rally around.  Corporate bosses, Chamber of Commerce types from New York to Silicon Valley, want cheap labor.  Religious want to bring in people so they can do good and fill the pews.  Democrats want to bring in socialists to keep an electoral advantage.  Malkin leaves no stone unturned when calling out those who would risk the welfare of America.  

Malkin is a fiery and blunt advocate who doesn’t play games.  She names George Soros and his many organizations, lefties of all stripes, elites with perverse motives and anti-American motives who hope immigration will eliminate American society and make way for the new wave of socialists.

Malkin takes some time to show the horrible negative effects of uncontrolled and irrational immigration: crime at an extraordinary rate, producing a criminal development that impacts all levels of society and all geographic areas of the United States.  No area is spared, since the invasion of the immigrants and aliens is so widely spread and measured in the millions.

I have always enjoyed Malkin’s straightforward and no-holds-barred approach.  She is a good writer and polemicist who moves the argument along with style and a flourish.  This book is not her first excellent effort to support sensible conservative approaches — and condemn the conduct of the left.

Malkin is also full force in support of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) personnel who have been subjected to an organized leftist effort that is not just political and involving demonstrations, but also violent (perpetrated by the violence and riot arms of the left).  Federal government workers are under fire for enforcing our immigration laws, and Republicans, as pointed out by Malkin, fail to stand up for the law. 

Malkin says who is funding the war on ICE.  George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Alex Soros’s Bend the Arc, Soros-backed CREDO Action, the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy, United We Dream, and Make the Road New York have all subsidized and stoked hatred of ICE and the Border Patrol.  It would be reasonable to assume that the named organizations are involved in financing violence and riot brigades that seem to appear when needed to intimidate.

As Malkin says to emphasize the nature of her effort to provide proof of Open Borders Inc., “I’ve compiled nearly 500 pages and 12 appendices and maps tracing tens of billions of dollars spent or received by 400+ nonprofits, religious charities, legal organizations, political lobbying groups, businesses and government contractors, backed up by 1,600-plus footnotes to educate my fellow citizens.”  Same story as most political stories — follow the money to discover the perps, the motives, and the misconduct.

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. is an emergency and corrections physician and an inactive attorney in Brownwood, Texas.

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