David Horowitz slams Biden’s ‘monstrous lie’ on White supremacy: Shifting blame to US for ‘personal atonement’

The author of ‘The Enemy Within: How A Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America’ sounds off on wrongful claims of US racism

Author and political commentator David Horowitz, founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, sounded off Monday on Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today” about President Joe Biden’s disputed claim that White supremacy is the greatest modern threat to the United States.

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Horowitz, as host Tucker Carlson noted, grew up the child of two Communist Party members from Long Island City, N.Y., and began his political life as a member of the “New Left” progressive movement – but later rejected Marxism and became a prominent conservative voice in the Reagan era through present day.

Carlson noted that Horowitz’s background gives him a unique perspective of American politics, especially as some in the Democratic Party have embraced far-left or Marxist governance.

During the interview, Horowitz made his case for why Biden, a Delaware Democrat, is purportedly transferring blame for his own political past onto the rest of the country by repeatedly making claims about systemic racism and – most notably during an Oklahoma speech in June – that domestic White supremacy trumps foreign terror threats against the homeland.

“America is not a racist society in the least,” Horowitz said, “Joe Biden, what he said ‘the greatest threat is not ISIS is not China, and it’s not the Iranian terrorists; the greatest threat to America is white supremacy’ — well, he must be talking about himself because he’s been a lifelong White supremacist.”

“And I guess he’s doing some kind of what he thinks is a personal atonement by dumping that charge unjustly on his country. Well, it’s a monstrous lie.”

In a 2006 comment on Fox News, Biden pronounced that Delaware once “was a slave state,” which one report from the time called “wince-inducing.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign season, Biden was slammed by fellow Democrats after invoking his ability decades ago to work with segregationist Southern Democratic Sens. James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, to “get things done.”

On Fox Nation, Carlson went on to play the clip mentioned by Horowitz:

“According to the intelligence community, terrorism for white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the homeland today– not ISIS, not Al-Qaeda, white supremacists,” said Biden in his Tulsa speech.

Horowitz countered that Biden was able to attribute the claim to the intel community because he and former President Barack Obama purportedly politicized the various relevant agencies:

“We have a corrupt intelligence community, which is highly politicized,” he said, going on to allege that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III has politicized the military in a similar way – citing “training… which sets [soldiers] against each other by race under the guise of diversity.”

In May, a group of 30 House Republicans led by Reps. Matt Rosendale of Montana and Alex X. Mooney of West Virginia sent a letter to Austin citing their own concerns about the politics of some of the new members of DoD leadership.

On “Tucker Carlson Today,” Horowitz went on to cite the at-times violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa demonstrations in cities like Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Portland that “tore up” and “burn[ed]” neighborhoods.

“This is the problem in our country. Everything’s upside down. The racism in our country is an epidemic of anti-White racism,” claimed Horowitz. “You can say anything about White people. You can fling terms like White supremacy around with no evidence, no basis in reality.”

Horowitz noted that Northern states ended slavery within 20 years of America’s founding, and that those same states fought a war in 1860 to liberate Black slaves in the South.

“350,000 White Americans gave their lives to free them,” he said. “This is their heritage. America, it’s something we can all be proud of, what America did leading the world in ending slavery.”

Horowitz said that, by contrast, Biden’s party is still a “racist party” that wants to “make America a nightmare”, with factions supporting the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which the author called a revisionist fallacy.

“You know, the Democrats are always flinging the word treason at Republicans. Nancy Pelosi even said Republicans are enemies of the state. Can you believe– enemies of the state, because they’re white supremacists. This is ridiculous.”

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