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Don’t forget me,” she wrote a friend in 1917.

History has certainly not forgotten the youngest daughter of Nicholas II, Czar of all of Russia. Neither has it done her justice. An enduring legend has grown around her, once embellished by novels, motion pictures, television programs, a ballet, popular songs, and even comic books. Truth has largely been obscured by romantic fantasy, and her life’s thread has been woven into a tapestry of myth. Hers has been the Cinderella story in reverse, a fairy tale gone wrong.

In 1972, James Blair Lovell was first introduced to Anna Anderson Manahan. Her life had been portrayed by Ingrid Berman, Lilli Palmer, Amy Irving, and other renowned actresses. The real-life Anna Anderson agreed to enter into an unprecedented collaboration with the young American writer. No restrictions upon his sources or methods of research were imposed, and he was given complete freedom to arrive at whatever conclusion the evidence indicated. Lovell set out on a quest that would span nearly two decades in order to determine if this remarkable woman was in fact the last surviving member of the Russian imperial family, Grand Duchess Anastasia.

As part of his exhaustive research, in 1989 the author acquired the largest cache of Romanov memorabilia still in private hands. It consists of documents; letters; paintings; scores of unpublished photographs, many taken by members of the Russian imperial family; motion picture film; and more than one hundred hours of audio tapes that are the only existing record of Anastasia telling her life’s story in her own words.

James Blair Lovell’s long-awaited book establishes the facts behind the manufactured myth of Anastasia. he presents:

  • an informed, behind-the-scenes account of the mystics and seers–of whom Rasputin was but the most infamous–who sought to control the Russian imperial throne;
  • Anastasia’s own chilling account of the imperial family’s last days together;
  • and amazing disclosure that the Czar and Czarina may have produced a sixth child;
  • a sordid tale of treachery involving the unbridled greed of the British Royal Family;
  • the truth about the mammoth Romanov fortune;
  • the first complete survey of all the scientific data which proves that Anna Anderson was Anastasia;
  • and much more.

Above all, James Blair Lovell’s revelatory account of the lost princess tells the haunting story of a girl–scarred for life by the brutality of her Bolshevik captors–who grew to adulthood, obsesses with trying to maintain her anonymity while seeking affirmation of her true identity.

At long last, with the Soviet system crumbling, the fictions surrounding the last days of the Czarist Empire are torn away. Anastasia’s life-long dream of destroying the fables, and replacing them with the truths that only she herself could tell, is now fulfilled.

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