Are Pesticides Really Necessary?


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ISBN: 0895268884

He who has bread may have many troubles: He who lacks it has only one.

Using the sly wisdom of this old Byzantine proverb, Keith C. Barrons leads the concerned layman of scientists alike on a guided tour of the symbiotic world of green plants, insects and man, always asking the question: Are pesticides really necessary? His answer may surprise you, just as his anecdotes as a life long gardener entertain you.

Are Pesticides Really Necessary? is a thorough and thoughtful update to Silent Spring. Having spent a career as a research biologist for universities, seed and chemical companies, Dr. Barrons is uniquely qualified to share in and understand the successful uses of chemicals, and to thoroughly review their failures. The result is a look at both sides of the watering can and a highly informed opinion of the responsibility of man to nature.

Whether it’s protecting you tomatoes with marigolds–a myth, the author says–or devising the right trap crop scheme to foil the cabbage root maggot, Are Pesticides Really Necessary? gives all the latest information available to help answer the question.


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