At the Eye of the Storm


Hardcover  •  $$14.95
ISBN: 0895266342

Combining the provocative story of President Ronald Reagan’s most colorful Cabinet officer with an eyeopening exploration of the vast resources controlled by the Department of the Interior, author Ron Arnold creates an intriguing look at James G. Watt and the storms of controversy swirling around him. By focusing on the forces, people, issues, and dramatic events of the “environmental warfare” surrounding Watt, Arnold–himself a former environmental activist–reveals “the well-kept secret” of what the Interior Department was before James Watt’s arrival, and explains the competing visions of what it ought to be.

Here At the Eye of the Storm is all political manipulation that reaches out to grip our precious National Parks, our wildlife heritage, our strategic mineral supply, and our energy future. And we hear first-hand of the people fighting with and against Watt to shape a resource policy designed for economic survival and quality of life…environmentalists mistrustful of Big Business and struggling to centralize decision-making power in federal hands…industrialists decrying deliberate curtailments of development on a resource-rice federal lands even as prices soar and shortages weaken the economy.

Rich and insightful, At the Eye of the Storm propels is irresistibly through the intricacies of government and environmental activism, stripping away myths and at every turn linking today’s tumultuous headlines to the roots of conflict in the panorama of American history .

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