Bad News


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ISBN: 089526627X

The New York Times is the most enterprising American newspaper in the field of foreign policy. It maintains more foreign correspondents–at enormous expense–and publishes more foreign news than any other American news organization. This combined with its location in New York, the major headquarters of the two major wire services and the three television networks, makes it the pre-eminent influence in the field of foreign policy. The Times is read in the White House and the State Department, it is the source of foreign news for other papers in all parts of the country, it is the bible of college students; directly and indirectly the Times influences, and in many cases formulates, the policies we all live with. Much of what Americans believe about foreign affairs comes from the Times, even tough many have never seen a copy of it. To an extraordinary degree the Times, whose personnel are interchangeable with the State Department, runs the United States, and it is unimpeachable.

This book takes the form of a review of major foreign policy events, mostly in the Kennedy and Nixon administrations, and media events directly related to foreign affairs, such as the manipulation of the Pentagon Papers. It includes a review of Watergate, that compendium of offenses by Nixon and anyone connected with Nixon raging from obstruction of justice to opening aspirin bottles with one’s teeth.

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