Hardcover  •  2017  •  $28.99
ISBN: 978-1621577034

White House reporter Keith Koffler penetrates the fog surrounding ousted White House advisor and Breitbart CEO Steve Bannon, whose nationalist populist agenda and firebrand style drove President Donald Trump to his stunning electoral victory. Koffler traces Bannon’s wild and distinctly American path to Breitbart, the White House, and back to Breitbart, where Bannon has pledged to follow through on his promise to create a better future for working class Americans—even if it means going to war with members of the Trump administration.

Born to working-class Democrats in Virginia, Steve Bannon has barreled through the Navy, Harvard, Wall Street, Hollywood, and now the White House. He is fluent in esoteric philosophies and political theories. And, as becomes clear in this book, Bannon has diagnosed the problem with today’s America—the rot that has eaten away at working Americans’ hopes, opportunities, and freedoms—and developed a winning strategy for taking America back.

With inside information on Bannon’s projects both in and out of the White House, and his relationships with other figures in the Trump orbit—and with President Trump himself—Bannon: Always the Rebel is not only a three-dimensional guide to one of the most fascinating figures of modern American history; it’s also a guide to understanding the Trump administration and Bannon’s plans for our future.

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