Finley Ball

Finley Ball


Hardcover  •  2016  •  $27.99
ISBN: 978-1-62157-477-4

How did an insurance salesman and a high school principal turn a down-and-out team into one of Major League Baseball’s greatest dynasties—the Swingin’ A’s of Oakland, World Series champs in ’72, ’73, and ’74?

Finley Ball is the story of two outsiders—Charlie Finley, the A’s maddeningly unconventional owner, and Carl, his cousin and right-hand man—who, against all odds, build one of the best teams to take the field. Telling the Finley side of the story, Carl’s daughter, Nancy, offers an unvarnished and hilarious account of her Uncle Charlie’s twenty-year reign as baseball’s enfant terrible. She reveals: how Finley assembled a star-studded lineup, Reggie Jackson and Catfish Hunter among them; why Finley hired his enemy Billy Martin as manager; the truth behind the World Series’ biggest scandal, involving Mike Andrews; how a jealous sportswriter drove Finley and the A’s out of Kansas City; why Bowie Kuhn’s vendetta against Finley paved the way for free agency; and the rare condition behind Finley’s “3-D” sense of the game and the colorful uniforms. Charlie Finley’s A’s sometimes looked like a combination of Mad Men and Looney Tunes, but by dragging baseball into the modern era, he took the game to heights rarely attained. Every fan is in his debt.

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