Fueling Freedom

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Hardcover  •  2016  •  $27.99
ISBN: 978-1-62157-409-5

Fossil fuel energy is the lifeblood of the modern world. Before the Industrial Revolution, humanity depended on burning wood and candle wax. But with the ability to harness the energy in oil and other fossil fuels, quality of life and capacity for progress increased exponentially. Thanks to incredible innovations in the energy industry, fossil fuels are as promising, safe, and clean an energy resource as has ever existed in history. Yet, highly politicized climate policies are pushing a grand-scale shift to unreliable, impractical, incredibly expensive, and far less efficient energy sources. Today, “fossil fuel” has become such a dirty word that even fossil fuel companies feel compelled to apologize for their products. In Fueling Freedom, energy experts Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White make an unapologetic case for fossil fuels, turning around progressives’ protestations to prove that if fossil fuel energy is supplanted by “green” alternatives for political reasons, humanity will take a giant step backwards and the planet will be less safe, less clean, and less free.


Stephen Moore is chief economist at The Heritage Foundation. Formerly an economics writer and editorial board member at The Wall Street Journal, Moore now focuses on advancing public policies that increase the rate of economic growth in the United States. Moore received his bachelor’s degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a master’s in economics from George Mason University. He lives in Washington, D.C.

Kathleen Hartnett White is the Distinguished Senior Fellow in Residence and the Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and the Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. White was Chairman and Commissioner of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and served as a director of the Lower Colorado River Authority. White received her bachelor and master degrees from Stanford University. She and her husband own a ranch in Presidio County, Texas.

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