Love and Infertility

Love and Infertility


Hardcover  •  2004  •  $21.95
ISBN: 978-0-89526-056-7

How can you balance life, your marriage and the process of creating your family?

When trying to create a family, a couple’s normal life can be immediately and radically changed. Overwhelming feelings of confusion, hopelessness, and loss of control can leave couples working to overcome infertility unable to communicate with each other or proceed calmly with their daily lives. The effort to create a baby overrides all other activities, and after a while, making love can turn into making work!

Love and Infertility  provides a lifeline for couples struggling with infertility. Author Kristen Magnacca shares twenty-eight simple yet powerful strategies to help couples open lines of communication, maintain a sense of control over their lives, and help them deal with the changes they’ll face while working to become parents.

Divided into three sections–Creating Your Destiny, Communicating as One, and Rolling with the Changes–Love and Infertility  offers insight and direction to help couples navigate the swamp of infertility. Kristen introduces each strategy with a true experience from her own long struggle with infertility and then provides a step-by-step system to implement the recommendation into daily life.

In  Love and Infertility, you’ll find:

  • Twenty-eight effective strategies that correspond to the average twenty-eight day fertility cycle
  • Useful tips for couples in all stages of conceiving–from those just starting out to those who have been trying for years
  • Interactive exercises for men, for women, and for both partners together: goals lists, talking points, “red-flag” phrases, and the patented “Elevator Speech” to rescue you from any situation

Kristen and her husband, Mark, co-founders of a successful corporate training firm, helped peak performers at Fortune 500 companies across the nation achieve greater levels of professional and personal success. When faced with their own infertility, the applied their proven business strategies to heal themselves, repair their marriage, and look toward the future. Their two children are proof positive that these strategies work!

Though this time of your life may be emotional and strenuous, Kristen’s words of wisdom can help you regain control of your life, your marriage, and your happiness. You don’t have to go through this alone!

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