Margaret Thatcher on Leadership

Thatcher on Leadership

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Hardcover  •  2013  •  $27.95
ISBN: 978-1-62157-164-3

Margaret Thatcher’s time in office defined an era—a Golden Age of conservative leadership.

But she was not a typical conservative politician then or now. She made the Conservative party more open and inclusive. Lady Thatcher understood that conservative principles are for everybody, not tied to special interest groups or trends. Conservative ideas must win people over first, before conservatives can win their votes later.

She won arguments with humor and iron-clad reasoning. She understood that honor and conviction could change minds—and crumble despotic regimes to the ground. In Margaret Thatcher on Leadership, Nile Gardiner and Stephen Thompson outline the critical lessons conservatives can learn from Lady Thatcher on articulating conservative principles to a broader audience, cutting through bureaucratic messes to achieve goals, and standing up to aggressive regimes. They explain Lady Thatcher’s lessons on:

  • Why national decline isn’t inevitable and only happens when you lose sight of conservative principles.
  • Why government isn’t about enriching everyone or lifting them up in life. It’s about establishing the rule of law and equality of opportunity.
  • Recognizing that people have a greater stake in capitalism and private property instead of the Welfare State, one of the keys to Thatcher’s repeated electoral successes.
  • Why it’s important to stand up to the enemies of freedom and not compromise with them. Confrontation backed by conviction is always better than compromise and failure.
  • Why a free America is a moral America, and a force for good in the world. For Thatcher, freedom builds higher moral character and a free America is a beacon of hope for the world.

This inspirational and practical guide for conservatives combines episodes from Lady Thatcher’s life with the lessons that conservatives can apply to their challenges today.


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